YOLO! Flashback Throwback Adventure at EAT Danao Bohol

You’re not paying for the ride, you’re paying for the EXPERIENCE.

Extreme adventures are my guilty pleasures. Oh yeah, reminiscin’ my grand VK in Bohol 2011 most especially at Danao. Had a “death-defying” experience with The Plunge…it’s one of the major reasons why I was so excited at that time to fly my way there. And this is the video of my suicidal attempt. Actually, it’s do or die but glad I survived and ALIVE, still a whole piece.

Haven’t blog yet about my Bohol adventure but I will surely tell you what I did there. Anyway, enjoy and I hope you will dare yourself to experience this. 🙂 ciao and TGIF!
The Plunge, Danao Bohol Philippines
I actually submitted this picture at Choose Philippines’ website/FB page because they had a contest about best Summer hot spot in the country (If I remembered well) and whoever wins will get a trip to Boracay or some place…I think. And I didn’t win but it’s OK co’z I was able to share my experience and bagged good memories from it.
Hahaha! I got a certi. 😛 Hmm, now, I wonder why I haven’t got any when I did Drop Zone at Dahilayan. Anyway, wanna go back to Danao and do The Plunge again…head first or I shall say upside down like Spiderman position.

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