Inato Trekking: The Majestic Kipilas Falls, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

Inato Trekking: The Majestic Kipilas Falls, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

Spending time with nature is the best therapy that I will never ever give up.

It’s been a long time since my last escape to nature. That is why, I initiated to invite some friends to come along with me to explore the ever-so-glorious Kipilas falls at Barangay Kitaotao, Bukidnon.

It took me a lot of research because this will be my first time to lead a group of people to somewhere far from the city. And it gives me excitement and at the same time fear of the unknown because it will be a huge responsibility for me to watch over our safety. Hence, I created a detailed itinerary with ‘special instructions’ for them- that we’re responsible for each other.

Trekking to Kipilas Falls

To sum up our trekking experience exploring the Kipilas falls, and though I’ve been trekking before, I can say it was never that easy because not all of us were expert trekkers and it was my cousins’ first time too! To add to the thrill of our adventure, the weather was a bit colder and the rain was teasing us.

Therefore, unexpectedly, we’re trekking on slippery slope and muddy trail!

From Davao City, we rode a bus bound to Cagayan de Oro. Rural Transit bus is known for travelling to this route. We told the driver and the conductor to drop us off at Barangay BuDa Hall-Covered Court. Transport fee is about 170 pesos (per individual – Rural Transit Aircon).

Kipilas Barangay BuDa Hall Covered Court | Kipilas Falls | MJ Crave's Escape
Screenshot from Google Maps

BuDa Covered Court | Kipilas Falls | MJ Crave's Escape

Thank God and to the genius people who invented the internet and technology because before we boarded on the bus, I instructed the group to help me to keep watch our way using Google Maps and Google Navigator.

Kipilas Falls Google Maps and Navigation | Kipilas Falls | MJ Crave's Escape

From the drop off point, I asked the group if it’s Ok with them if we’re going to ride habal-habal (single motorcycle) or skylab (motorcycle with extension of two planes on each side) since it was drizzling at that time and it was also fogging. So, we decided to ask a local and help us contract drivers to drove us to Barangay Kipilas. Minimum transport fee is 80 pesos each.

Skylab ride | Kipilas Falls | MJ Crave's Escape
Post Trek Picture: Me and my cousin Kath riding Skylab for the first time!

Trekking to Kipilas falls took us about 45 minutes to an hour starting from Barangay Kipilas wherein you will be welcomed by a barangay worker and asked the group to log our names and pay 20 pesos for the registration.

Trek to Kipilas Falls | Kipilas Falls | MJ Crave's Escape
Descending Trek to Kipilas Falls

The drivers were also our guide on our way to Kipilas falls. As aforementioned, it was not that easy because of the bad weather. The trail going there was not for the faint of heart and weak legs, unless you are someone who wants to outdo your fear of heights and other unknown!

It was challenging indeed aside from the slippery trail, we had to pass through thick vegetation, holding on to roots and branches as we descend a 70 to 80 degree track. And as I was following kuya our guide and checking out my friends as they were descending too, I was praying hard for our safety and muttering to myself that I will be able to go back home in 1 piece – in flesh and soul! Or mama will cry! *just kidding!*

Hello Kipilas!

After that long knee and leg torture trek, we finally reached Kipilas falls and no words came out when I felt its water on my face and how breathtaking it is… just wow! My friends took a plunge and enjoyed the gushing cold water coming down from the top of the mountain.

Kipilas Falls | MJ Crave's Escape

Kipilas Falls Kitaotao Bukidnon | MJ Crave's Escape

Kipilas Group Shot
See that beautiful falls as our background? Beautiful isn’t it? | Photo by Chanice Uy

The beauty of Kipilas falls was indeed enthralling and I just hope that nature’s beauty like this will be preserved so that the future generation can appreciate how blessed we are to enjoy a calming and scenic view.

Right after Kipilas falls, our group headed for a quick trip at Bemwa Farm and enjoyed a good snack there.

Bemwa Farm | MJ Crave's Escape
Photo by Chanice Uy

Bemwa Farm | MJ Crave's Escape

Bemwa Farm | MJ Crave's Escape
Photo by Kath and Maureen Crave

Overall, they said they enjoyed the experience and they wanted to join more adventure like this. I couldn’t be more proud of myself that it was successful and all of us got back home safely, though with minor muscle pain and scratches. I would gladly organize again in the future! 🙂

Breakdown of Expenses (Individual)

  •  Bus fare: Rural Transit Aircon Bus = 170.00
  • Skylab: To brgy. Kipilas and back to BuDa covered court = 160 (80.00 pesos per head)
  • Brgy. Kipilas Registration Fe = 20.00
  • Porter Guide Fee = 83.00 ***We agreed to pay them 500 (divided by 6) as there’s no definite amount and we are grateful enough for them to lead us safely
  • Skylab/motorcycle fare to Bemwa Farm = 100.00
  • Bemwa entrance fee = 50.00
  • Skylab/motorcycle fare from Bemwa to BuDa highway = 20.00
  • BuDa to Davao (Calinan van) = 120.00

Grand Total: 723.33 pesos | From estimated pocket money of 1,500 per head

Other info

  • 1 to 2 hours travel time – Davao City to BuDa Covered Court, Kitaotao, Bukidnon
  • Hike/trek difficulty – Intermediate
  • Bring extra clothes and swimwear
  • Bring first aid kit: Informed my group to at least bring the basic ones in case of wounds, scratches, etc.
  • Food and drink since it will be a tiring trek and you’ll need to replenish

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