Summarizing My Fun-filled Saturday

Summarizing My Fun-filled Saturday

B.R.E.A.T.H.E … Not tiring but Über fun Saturday

Yesterday (July 20, 2013) I really had a blast! Pure fun with my dear friend Dreb Bits who invited me over. Never thought that I could get inspired, laughed and cried from watching a free movie, got to interview an apprentice/artist, do food exploring, catching up with friends Jenie and Orven and hang around with them as an audience while they were playing badminton and lastly, enjoyed a mini fashion show at SM Ecoland Annex for their great 3 days sale on apparels and jeans (#GETYOURJEANSON: Penshoppe, Mags, Levis, Girbaud, Surplus and a lot  more!).
Eiga Sai 2013 features Japanese Films and this is also in lieu in celebrating the Philippines-Japan Friendship month and the 46th year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation.
Selected malls and cinema house will feature 12 mostly award-winning Japanese films that were produced between 2005 to 2012. This is the 15th film festival wherein the films entertains audiences about the diverse facets of the Japanese society and culture. These movies will be shown here in Davao at FDCP Cinemathique and Abreeza Ayala Mall.
The film that me and Dreb watched was entitled “About Her Brother” or Otōto. It’s a 126 minutes family drama film that’s also coupled with humor. It’s a heartwarming depiction of the bond between an older sister and her younger brother. Never thought that I would laugh and cry to this movie.

The films will be shown in Davao until July 28. Check this link –> for the list of other movies to be shown in the city.

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FOOD EXPLORATION: Gloriamaries Pasta Cafe

After the movie, we headed to have our lunch. I invited my Dreb to check out this newly discovered food cafe (which my other friend told me because it was her cousin’s business).
Gloria Maries Pasta is located at Tionko Avenue, near Davao City National Highschool and Em’s Pasta. They served rice meals as well as ala carte. Prices of the food are very much affordable.
Gloria Maries Pasta cafe serves lunch that’s student friendly at a price of 45 pesos.
Catching Up and Badminton Play
After the sumptuous lunch without even having to spend that much, my friend invited me for a badminton play and after a short session to watch a mini fashion show. I had a great time catching up with my previous workmates Jenie and Orven and talked about good times and catching up. I was their audience because I didn’t bring any extra clothes.
#GETYOURJEANSON and Great Sale at SM

To end my great Saturday, we headed to SM Ecoland Annex to watch the mini fashion show. It’s a free admission. It show cases good apparels for men and women and from head to foot. The models strut their stuff as they wore form fitting jeans (women) and stylish cuts (males). Get the latest sizzling designs of denims from branded stores like Penshoppe, Lee, Mags, Girbaud and a lot more at a great sale!

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