Quiet Tea Time at Tazza Di Bonta

Quiet Tea Time at Tazza Di Bonta

Tazza Di Bonta Coffee and Tea

Last August 15, 2013, me and my college bff Micole attended a seminar at Abreeza. I really missed her (and as well the rest of my bffs whom I haven’t seen 🙂 ) ANYWAY, T’was past 2 or almost 3 pm (I think) when the seminar ended. I told her I am quite hungry (despite that we have a late lunch at the seminar) and if it’s ok if we could have a light merienda somewhere. Then I remembered that the night before, I was researching a good chill out place here in Davao where it could be my next target to visit. So… I told her about this coffee shop somewhere in Lanang and we’ll have a relaxing catch up… plus it does serve one of my favorite hot drink.. TEA!

Tazza Di Bonta is a perfect place to chill out with friends and family. Located near Insular Village 1 and situated in between rows of shops like Monterey at Lanang. Anyone can easily spot it because it’s just along the highway.
The ambiance of the place is really cozy and homey. Overall interior was elegant with pieces of wooden craft coffee maker. The crew was also nice and accommodating. Every Friday they always have live acoustic night. I therefore conclude that if you want some quiet time with yourself or with someone, this is a good place to visit to and enjoy.

After browsing the menu, we finally ordered Quesadillas, 2 shakes, Clubhouse sandwich and the blooming tea called “Love at First Sip”. Their tea is quiet different and it’s called the blooming tea. Why? It comes from the ball of a tea flower itself which unfurls after a minute or so. It is served in a glass teapot with hot water.

The coffee and tea shop is open until 12 midnight.


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