Part 1 Self Realizations: Me Going Beyond

Part 1 Self Realizations: Me Going Beyond

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It’s been so long since my last post and I’ve realized that I’ve been missing a lot most especially that I’m the type who wants to just write or express thoughts…thru writing or thru my art. Now, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity of sharing things that happened to me these past few months…co’z I’ve got a lot of musings in my life that I want to reveal…

Wowsome Startup Weekend Experience

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I can’t believe to myself that I can join such prestigious event- The 3rd Startup Weekend Davao. Reminiscing it, I can say that my brain was really raped. I joined together with my friends Mhelo, Kristine and Dreb.

The event was held for 3 days (first week of August) and it’s a movement that happens annually all over the world. It encourages students and professionals who are budding entrepreneurs to come up with a startup businesss and products that solves the society’s problems or issues or even build communities that envisions greater good.

Make your Idea Happen

We all have this idea that we think is the next big thing. Who knows, right? That’s what we have realized within the 54 hours of brain-raping challenges during Startup Weekend. On day 1, it’s a great thing for us first timers to belong one of the top contenders. Out of 40 who pitched their ideas, we nailed it in the top 12 (until now it’s overwhelming for me to be able to pitch our idea).

I’m very glad that I was able to work with 3 of my friends: my officemates Kristine and Mhelo and my buddy Dreb. Before the start of the event, we were able to brainstorm what compelling idea we should pitch. We put our best foot forward and become futuristic envisioning what our idea will look like.

Startup Weekend also brings together talented individuals- developers, designers, marketers, managers and other business enthusiasts to share ideas, not only to mingle but as well to network, form teams, build products and apps and present their web and mobile startups. Well, overall t’was an intense action packed experience to make people walk their talks.


We can say that in 54 hours, the event was a huge avenue to network with good people and made learning all bout business, marketing, branding, etc., uber fun. It’s not just gullibly conceiving an idea but taking it seriously, which is more important. Make more actions to follow through and realized the idea. Ponder on taking more big steps and see to it that at the end of the rainbow, anyone can reach their dreams.

Yes, SWE will push everyone to their limits and motivates to do goal setting. During the course, we met good mentors who are skilled in their own forte. Their advises have put us into crisis and make us see what will work out and what might not work. Let me tell you, we changed the name of our idea 4 times but we still stick to our concept. Anyhow, it’s ok to feel dissatisfaction at times and sometimes this is exactly what we need to realize things, wake up and be receptive enough to make criticisms as one’s motivation to push through the crisis.

Sharing your dreams and working with the people will drive everyone of us to do and achieve something great. Thinking big or thinking out loud is a special skill to adapt so that we can openly recognize our dreams with the people we share it with.

Hep hep Hooray!

The experience was great. Thanks to my teammates and friends for the support and believing WE CAN. And ofcourse, in the next startup weekend, we will join and we’ll bring home the bacon.

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