Bucket List: Living Life. Enjoying Life

What do you want to do…before you die?

making a bucket list

Have you ever found yourself asking the same question above? Have you found the answers to that question? Have you enjoyed your life fruitfully? Or you just found yourself sulking and complaining that you’ve never done great things ever since your existence. – Honestly, I was once like that.

Everyone’s a dreamer and of course all of us attempts to live life happily the way we wanted it to be. Just like what we always say “YOLO” or you only live once. We are given by the supreme being one life to live and we should make use of it…wisely and happily.

As what I have read in a blog, there are two types of people in this world, the one who chooses to be happy and the one who chooses to be unhappy. Yes, happiness and being unhappy is a choice. If you are the type who allowed negativeness consume you, then you probably have chosen to be unhappy in your life and let these vibes take over your life. Happiness comes from within. read more

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YOLO! Flashback Throwback Adventure at EAT Danao Bohol

You’re not paying for the ride, you’re paying for the EXPERIENCE.

Extreme adventures are my guilty pleasures. Oh yeah, reminiscin’ my grand VK in Bohol 2011 most especially at Danao. Had a “death-defying” experience with The Plunge…it’s one of the major reasons why I was so excited at that time to fly my way there. And this is the video of my suicidal attempt. Actually, it’s do or die but glad I survived and ALIVE, still a whole piece. read more

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The Peeing Carabao: Davao Gap Farm Resort

=&0=&. Yes, indeed. Like many other kids, especially my friends who grew up also in Davao, they were a bit shocked that I was never been to Gap when I was a kid…and I don’t know why. And by the way, only my two younger siblings been here when they had their field trips when they were still preschoolers (ewan ko nga bakit wala akong experience na field trip before. Ask my school -_-). The moment I entered the place, I was overwhelmed with excitement. It’s like I’ve unleashed the kid inside me. And thanks to Anne ofcourse, whom by the way accompanied me in this “field trip”. =&1=& =&2=& Gap Farming Resort is indeed perfect for children who were on educational tour. It is located at Maa Diversion Road, Davao City. If you are on the city proper, I suggest you take a cab to take you to the place. The place is surrounded with vast greeneries and visitors having good time here will definitely feel they were in a farm because you can see ducks, chickens (I think I saw some) and other domesticated animals. The ambiance of the place is very relaxing and as you go around, you can find perfect spot to have a picnic and shaded under tall trees. What catches my interest were the life-sized statues of farm animals, indigent people, folklore creatures and busts of Philippine Presidents and national heroes.
The Parade of Animals
Tagpuan sa ilalim ng puno ng kawayan…” – Nice signage lol
Gap also has the Japanese tunnel wherein we can see sculptures of the famous one-eyed Kapre, python and a Japanese soldier statue. The tunnel creeps me out the moment I saw the statue of the cyclops and there was this fellow visitor who come along with us.
Filipino Folklore Creatures
Also, the place has an Olympic size pool. So, if you want to take a rest from the buzz of the city, then Gap is good place to unwind to.
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The First Bēhance Philippines Davao-Mindanao Event

Get-Together of Creative Talents from Davao, Manila and Mindanao

Behance an online portfolio platform for creative and talented professionals have paved way for Filipino talents to showcase what they’ve got. Behance Philippines-Davao have conducted the first artists gathering (illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, etc.) for 3 consecutive days last May 14 to May 16 on different venues.

On the first day (May 14, 2013) artists from Manila namely Rai Cruz and Anjo Bolarda have come to Davao to encourage and welcome aspiring artists and creative individuals on the Portfolio Reviews and talks. read more

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4th Mindanao Toy Convention at Gaisano Mall Davao

Big Toys for both Kids and Kids at Heart!

4th Mindanao Toy Convention

Last May 6 to 12, 2013, the =&0=&was held at Gaisano Mall Atrium, Davao City. As expected from day 1 until its last day, it was flocked not just by kids but also people from all ages. As me and my friend strolled around the atrium, there we see lots of toy collections from the legendary Star Wars collectibles (which is I’m a big fan of 🙂 ) Gundam, Iron Man, Avengers…you name the super heroes or characters, the toy collectors and enthusiasts HAVE IT. And oooh, I was really amazed with all the replicas of my favorite characters and even cartoons I have watched back when I was a child. And unexpectedly also, I bumped into a friend who also had his Lego collections displayed. The toy convention held cosplay fashion show wherein cosplayers will dressed in flamboyant garments of the characters they portrayed. Davao City Mindanao Toy Convention After feasting my eyes on the wonderful toys and collections, I just mumbled to myself that if only I took care of my toys before, I would have been proud to display it. But oh well…those were the days..hehe Anyway, maybe it’s not yet too late for me to collect some, right? 🙂
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For the Love of Pastries: Pi Pan Ya Davao

My favorites all available in our neighborhood!

Davao Cakes and Pastries Cafe

Ever since I was a kid, cakes and pastries are my all time favorites aside from chocolates. Last week, me and my friends decided to chill out and catch up somewhere near Mabini street. And never thought that I could stop and take a look at a pastry shop. I was curious and thought to come inside and look at their pastry displays and maybe bought some for my siblings and for mom and dad.

=&0=&is the name of the bakery located along Mabini Street corner Mapa street, near Tumbletots and Seven-Eleven BPO company. Well, the first established bakery was at Ma-a road and it has been baking goods for several years now and this is already their second branch. Story Why it’s “Pi Pan Ya” The “Pi” in the bakeshop’s name can be derived from the mathematical symbol “Pi or pronounced as pie“. With regards to the pan and ya…well, I don’t have any idea. Anyway, as you enter the store, you can already smell the freshly baked goods. Yes, just the smell of it can already stimulate salivation and grumbling stomach (just exaggerating) hahaha.
All at budget friendly prices! 🙂
According to research before blogging about this oh-so-good coffee and pastry shop, they used “Pi Water” as one of the secret ingredients in baking their yummy treats. If you wanna know more about what

Pi Water read more

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Grease-less Fried Chicken at Ombu Chicken House

Ombu Chicken House: Davao’s Finest Crispy Grease-less Chicken

Chicken House Restaurant Davao

As I have mentioned in the previous blog about The Peak at Gaisano Mall of Davao, it really does offer good places to dine in. And with that, me and my friends have tried another good place and it’s at Ombu Chicken House.

One fact about this restaurant is that it has been serving the Davaoeños for so long- in the 90’s up to the present. The restaurant was first established in the driveway of Sequoia Inn, Monteverde Avenue, Bangoy Street. Today, it has opened another at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao and continuously serving best cuisines in the heart of the metro. mjcravesescape OMBU CHICKEN HOUSE The ambiance of the resto is very much cozy and their crew are accommodating. We ordered their very own specialty; the famous grease-less fried chicken. In addition, we also ordered the stuffed squid and the crunchy lechon kawali. For our desserts, we had Oreo ice cream and Über delicioso Halo-halo. Ombu Chicken House Already salivating? Come and visit Ombu at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao. 
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Authentic Halal Meal at Zabadani Cafe Davao

Halal Restaurant Davao
ALHAMDULILLAH – Praise to God! 🙂

Is your taste-bud looking for a brand new gastronomic delight? If YES, then why don’t you try a Halal-licious food that can satiate your appetite. =&0=& at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao offers us an all Mediterranean delicacies richly fused with herbs and spices. This was my third time to visit and indulge in the delicacies of Zabadani cafe. I really love their Mediterranean delicacies especially their main courses which are marinated in fresh herbs and spices and cooked just the way they are where it originated. Zabadani Cafe menu are fusion of culture coming from Arabia, Persia, etc., and is an Islamic themed restaurant. All foods here are served Halal.
Prices are subject to change. ZABADANI MENU
The menu offers customers the options of going to order for solo or good for two. Also, the restaurant is wifi access ready. Visit Zabadani Cafe at The Peak Gaisano mall of Davao. For their visit their website here: Zabadani Cafe. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Zabadanicafe Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZabadaniCafe
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Bok Bok Bok Bok at Chicken Charlie Davao

=&0=&. MJ Craves Escape_Chicken Charlie Davao

Chicken Charlie is located at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao. It’s a new chicken house in the metro that I encourage Davaoeños to try and indulge in. Aside from offering their customers a one-of-a-kind delish chicken dish, the prices of the meals are very affordable- for 200 and below, you can enjoy their savory chicken. MJCRAVESESCAPE_Chicken Charlie Davao Chicken Charlie’s fried chicken are made in a one of a kind. The chicken skin is crisp on the outside without even dipped in batter. The chicken is marinated well I think in soy sauce and other condiments plus herbs. Apart from the Philippines, the chicken house has now become popular also in other countries like United States and Korea. Savory Chicken Charlie Davao
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