Why I Traded Resolutions to BIG, FAT Personal Goals

Why I Traded Resolutions to BIG, FAT Personal Goals

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Look in the mirror; that’s your competition.

January is about to end and the holiday season and celebrations are done and over. FINALLY! Just kidding! Anyway, I’d like to greet everyone a belated happy new year and praying you’ll have a prosperous 365 days ahead.

Alright, this is my first post this 2018 after looooong years of not populating this secret nook (as if it’s still a secret!) of mine :)But anyway, I’d like to talk about the reasons why I don’t believe in resolutions anymore…because in fact, I’m guilty of breaking it! (I guess we all are, aren’t we?)

Giving up “New Year Resolutions”

I’m guessing, statistically, most people have given up on their “new year” resolutions: “Balik Alindog 20-Kupong kupong and many more!” – And I’m one of those people, though the “balik alindog program” is not my kind of thing eversince.

It was back in 2009, I guess where I stopped doing this new year resolutions trend. Thereafter, I fight the urge to join the bandwagoners and instead, I sat down one day with my notebook and wrote a few personal goals that I want to establish.

Resolutions versus Goals

Challenges are guaranteed to make you a BETTER YOU.

Let’s all agree here, that most of us are confused with these two words: Resolutions versus goals. I equate resolutions like how I understand the meaning of “promise,” “trait,” or “habit”…something that a person is intending to keep. Most of the resolutions aren’t time-bounded and measurable but instead it helps in reinforcing lifelong changes.

Whereas, goals, for me, is both time-bounded and measurable. Goals are desired results a person wants to achieve. And an end-point of where a person wants to see himself/herself after a certain period of time.

I’m bad at keeping promises/habits to myself. Not that I always break it, it’s just that I tend to forget that I have this and that. I am also complacent when it comes promising myself about something that I want or need to get or figure out… And then, eventually, ending up depressed…not something to be proud of, right? Hence, I opted to achieve goals by setting personal challenges.

Setting and fostering personal challenging goals

I feel as though that having goals makes you feel better about yourself. I am a very competitive person and just as I quote a quote, our “self” is our biggest competition. By listing down a few personal challenges, I am focused on achieving and winning all of these.

Most of my personal challenging goals revolved about my character, health and professional journey. I can share some like:

  • Journaling – writing down my daily wins, gratitude list and things that I can resolve easily, at least 30 minutes.
  • Learn soft skill and technical skill per week
  • Confidence goal where I am to write positive affirmations daily
  • No complaint day!!! (I will do my best not to utter a single negative word!)
  • Health – I’m really serious about going natural and modifying my dietary intake due to my tumor bff inside (Yes, I’ll share my story here about what it’s like having a myoma, how I overcome denial and accepted it and more 🙂 )
  • Being cool amidst heated pressure…eve-reee-day! – TBH, I have anger management issues and I admit I struggled with this but for quite some time I always do my best to remind myself to keep my cool whenever possible…and I believe I’m successful and still doing my best to overcome this.

As of now, my biggest goal is focused more on my health. I am very much guilty about this because I used to overwork myself, overpressure myself and haven’t been engaging to active leisures like I used to do. And it is time to put everything into action the personal goals I wanted not just to achieve this year but actually live up to it.

Hope I have inspired you somehow and I just wish everyone well in doing better in achieving your own personal goals. Best of luck to us!



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