My 2013 Musings and Getting Ready for 2014

My 2013 Musings and Getting Ready for 2014

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Keep your Life SIMPLE; and you will be HAPPY. 🙂

Hello there my friends! It’s been a loooooong time since my last post…err, I’m sorry too. I’ve got a lot of adventures last 2013 that I haven’t posted here so those were the things I owed you. However, I’ll do my best to make it all possible to post it here. I still have those pictures saved in my phone and pc. It’s just that I’m having a hard time sqeezing other actvities, most especially during weekends which are quite my free time. But anyway, this is my first post this new year. 🙂

2013: Even the strongest soldier breaks down

I don’t even know how to start this entry most especially when I’m the type of person who is very transparent (well, case to case basis).  Last year was a roller coaster ride and I must admit, I broke down. Friends, family and some people who knew me can’t imagine that I have bad thoughts to the point of shunning them out of my life…TOTALLY- OUT-OF-MY-LIFE. Why? Because I don’t want anyone to get involved with my issues. (no, it’s not about the so-called “Love Life” because I’m not even hung-up on this concept; call it denial but honey, it’s my least priority 🙂 ) As much as possible, even the simplest, senseless problem, I want to keep it to myself and figure things out of my own. Yes, I’m one proud b*tch. Pride is my darling sin that I’m praying to let go.

2013 bombarded me with “quarter-life crisis”. The period where most of us experience major changes; doubting one’s capability of how they should live their life, doubtful on their growth, feelings of lost, scared, confusions and a lot more. Yes, I’ve got issues with it when I came to a point of even diagnosing myself, psychologically speaking (y’know what I mean; in fact I’ve got two tentative diagnoses [bipolarity or schiz]). I’m actually the kind of person who doesn’t ask for help when I know I can do these things. And when anyone will offer me their help, I humbly (and sometimes rudely) tell them “no.”

I was jobless last summer of 2013 until mid October of same year since I resigned from my previous work. This was because I want to pursue the degree I finished and I want to make my family proud co’z I’m going back on track of being a nurse. I have all these plans in my mind where to work, refresh my skills and knowledge by relearning the things I have unlearned. But sad to say, it never worked out. Although I am hopeful and still persistent even calling every week the institutions I applied for, I didn’t get the job. That was when I started doubting myself. Am I going to be stuck as a bum? Am I worthless?

Ask and it shall be Given; Knock and the doors shall open

And fate shifted. Maybe it’s because of Paulo Coehlo and a bunch of random novel authors or just random realizations in my life wherein I still hold on becoming stronger and never give up. That’s when I find myself asking God that whatever he will serve on my table, I will take it. I asked him, if nursing is not yet for me, I will take any job or career and I will nourish it and take care of it. A job wherein the seeds I will sow will grow and bloom success when patience, love and care are invested on it.

And boom! I nailed a job. It may not be in line with the degree I finished but I assumed that there’s this invisible connection or aura that it will become my stepping stone to a successful career that’s about to be established in the future. And indeed God is amazing. He blessed me a lot and I know it still continues. He never fails.

One highlight of my life also was when I reunited with my God-given talent; becoming a visual artist. I never thought it’ll be my passport to let people know what I am capable of. I’m actually a shy one and I seldom expose my works on social media. I just had my works displayed on papers or some online art portfolio where none of the people I knew will know about. But heck, like I’ve said, my works got noticed. I was contacted by a chef who is an owner of a Gelato parlour here in Davao. He asked me if I could do some artwork for them. I asked them, why me? And they just said because they love my work and they trust me that I know what I am doing. “SERIOUSLY??? Weh, Di nga?”. Until now, it’s still unbelievable.

Now, this entry is getting longer. Hence, I will sum up what Life Lessons I’ve learned last 2013:

  • BE BRAVE. Life is mysterious, surprising, fun and whatever adjectives you may describe it. It’s a journey that we will always cherish no matter how confusing or how great it offers you.
  • BE GRATEFUL. Even the tiniest things you received…always be grateful. It’s innate in us to be grateful and even if you’re not used to it, learn to be thankful for what you have and what you will receive in the future. Further, learn to appreciate. 🙂
  • BE PRAYERFUL. Pray always. Wherever you are and whatever you do, prayers are the most powerful thing to reach God what your heart desires. God knows what’s inside your heart even if you didn’t ask for it because He knows us well.
  • ADMIT THAT YOUR WEAK. Never stress out or worry too much on things that are out of your control. You’re not superhuman that you can all do all the things in a matter of time or with just a snap of your fingers. If your hands are full, learn to ask help/assistance and all things will turn out smoothly.
  • YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST CRITIC. Humans are not born perfect. Perfect is boring. Accept whatever flaws you may have. Never ever pity yourself because it didn’t go along with your plans. Remember, God has much better plans for you.
  • NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. It never hurts when you asked for help or advices It’s healthy to talk to people from different age groups because you will harbor heartwarming wisdom from them. 🙂
  • BE A BLESSING. Remember whatever good you do to others, you are their blessing. Enjoy and appreciate it.
  • GET UP. STAND UP. HEADS UP. If you’re broken, you’ve been hurt and you shed tears, learn to get up, stand up, shrug off the dusts and look up! The world is open for a brighter future for you. KEEP MOTIVATED!
  • GREAT THINGS STARTS FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS. Successful people appreciate their small beginnings. Learn from Albert Einstein, Howard Schultz, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other notable people, they achieved their success because they nurture whatever small things they’ve received which are blessings.

So, there’s a lot of things I wish to achieve this 2014. And hopefully, all of these things will come true. May it be small or big. One thing that I always remind myself is whatever things I will receive, I will take care of it, nourish it the best as I can for I know I will reap what I sow.

Lastly, this is not a self-help blog entry. But if you find it that I helped you realized some things, thank you and go for whatever endeavors you may have. I wish God bless you more and kudos to you.

Love lots, cyber hugs and kisses,

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