Healing Boodle Dining at Balay Amakan

Healing Boodle Dining at Balay Amakan

“Eat more from the earth.”

If ever you miss dining at your abuela and abuelo’s house, you might want to try this dainty bahay kubo restaurant at Mintal – the Balay Amakan.

Intimate Dining Experience

Mintal may not be a great destination for some but who would have thought that in this place lies a tiny house who served an ultimate dining experience that makes you reminisce of your vacation at your grandparents’ house.

Balay Amakan is located at the heart of Mintal. It’s actually situated in the small village but once you are there, you would definitely feel that you’re on the country-side. For me, it’s not easy to locate as I am really not familiar with Mintal but good thing that my friend Anne was. But before going to this dainty kubo house, my advise is to book your reservations in advanced.

Balay Amakan_Farm to table experience | MJ Crave's Escape
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/balayamakan

When we’re finally there, my impression was it’s like a sanctuary. Why? Even if it’s surrounded with lots of houses because it’s situated in a village, the outside and inside of the house is enveloped with a relaxing ambiance. The host, tita Miles welcomed us with a warm smile. She was also the one who prepared the food and guess what? Who would have thought that we were their first guests to experience their FIRST intimate boodle dine? We’re very honoured!

Balay Amakan has an exceptional Filipino and Asian-fusion dishes offered and in fact, all of the ingredients used to cook these dishes are 100 percent organic as tita Miles is an advocate of healthy and clean eating and has been practicing zero-waste lifestyle.

Davao Farm to table experience | Balay Amakan | MJ Crave's Escape
Boodle dine good for 2! Photo by Rachelle Anne Rodulfa

Green living and clean eating

Long before, tita Miles was working overseas where she was inspired by her employer who was also a hard-core advocate of green living and an artist. As we all know, green living or also known as sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to bring balance the conservation and preservation of the earth’s resources and biodiversity.

Balay Amakan Davao | MJ Crave's Escape
Intimate dining and conversation with Anne and Tita Miles

Working with her employer, tita Miles eventually adapted the lifestyle, thought at first it was kinda hard, so far as what she said it definitely changed her life especially in her health. When she got back in Davao, she converted the house in Mintal into a small bed and breakfast. From there, she started growing her own crops, fruits and vegetables and herbs in her own garden. Aside from that, she also helped her neighbours by teaching them the holistic benefits of green living and growing their own vegetative in their own garden.

Balay Amakan is not just a go-to dine because as aforementioned, they also offer staycation for those who wanted to refresh their minds away from the buzzing and busy city.

Healing home cooked foods!

You will definitely have a good day with your friends, family or even your special someone when you’re in Balay Amakan. Their home cooked buffet is definitely comforting and sumptuous because everything is served fresh! What tita Miles served us was a fusion of Filipino and other Asian flavours. We had seafoods, 3 kinds of rice (plain, garlic and turmeric fried rice), 3 kinds of fresh salads, boiled okra, tinolang manok and many more, not to mention that the servings was just right…but to be honest, though there’s just only the two of us, the boodle dine was good for 3 people!

Aside from the main courses, tita Miles offered us some creamy ginataan and cocoa truffle as our desserts, couple with soothing effect of our sips of blue ternetea (Asian pigeonwings) flower tea.

I can definitely say that the dining experience there was expense-worthy and justifies what the owner wants for her guests – to be rejuvenated and also enjoy intimate company over healing foods.

Balay Amakan Mintal, Davao City | MJ Crave's Escape

Balay Amakan Mintal, Davao City | MJ Crave's Escape

Balay Amakan Mintal, Davao City | MJ Crave's Escape

Balay Amakan Mintal, Davao City | MJ Crave's Escape

MJ Crave's Escape

For reservations, please visit their Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/balayamakan

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