Happiness in a Cup of Sikwate

Happiness in a Cup of Sikwate

“I’d rather fall for chocolates than Love. CHOS! :P”

P.S.: I can’t think of any quote and that’s just a product from my crazy musings. 🙂

When we were kids, me and my younger siblings love to savor our lola’s home made hot chocolate drink made traditionally. Before at our lola’s house, she had 3 cacao trees which were the sources of cocoa beans made to this everybody’s favorite drink.

Sikwate is the Filipino term for the hot cocoa drink. Whatever the season is, this hot chocolate drink is definitely a well-loved beverage. I usually have it especially when I was having my 11-7 duty in the hospital and it’s my drink when I munch on puto maya and  more often when I work and enjoyed a lot of cups of it when I read books in the four corners of my room.

Hot cocoa or chocolate drink is usually popular in rainy seasons as well after hearing the Christmas Mass or Simbang Gabi. From other places, it’s popularly known as a coined phrase “Christmas in a cup’.

As I’ve said and I know all of us knew that this fave drink is made from cocoa or in Filipino, tableya. Tableya or tablea are solidified chocolate cocoas formed in circles and sold in the markets. It is usually the main ingredient in Champorado or chocolate rice porridge. I know that talking about this brings back your childhood memories. 🙂

Sikwate or tsokolate as aforementioned is made from dark chocolates. Dark chocolate has good healthy benefits that it has components that can prevent cancer, aids in digestion process as well increases our happy hormones.

Benefits of Hot Chocolate

1. Dark chocolate or pure cocoa has generous sources of antioxidants which fights free radicals that is a major factor in affecting cells to become cancerous. At the same time, it can help in improve our skin, nails and hair.

2. It also contains component which is known as Flavanol that helps in lowering blood pressure and also good for our heart’s health.

3. Have you ever noticed that when we eat sweets like chocolate it gives us good feeling? That’s because of Theobromine which has a caffeine-like stimulant and has psychoactive effects once broken down. It then produces effects like elated happiness as well reduces stress and anxiety.

You can find a lot of stores near you when you crave this all time favorite drink. Just make sure also that it’s made of pure cocoa beans. A good cocoa or tsokolate do not contain sugar which is of course artificially processed.

So, let’s have a cup of this all time fave drink and enjoy it with good food or snacks in the comforts of our humble abode. 🙂

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