Friday On Leave: Itinerary of Fun and Learning

Friday On Leave: Itinerary of Fun and Learning

They were on leave and they dragged me along. Anne, Romel and Me on a fun-filled Friday at Davao Museum and Science Center ( (c) Anne Rodulfa for the Photos)

Last Friday, me and my friends enjoyed a fun-filled day as we explore and learn about the rich history of Davao at Museo Dabawenyo or Davao Museum and discover and experiment at SM Lanang’s Science Discovery Center.

Museo Dabawenyo

The building wherein the museum resided was formerly the Court of First Instance. It is facing the Bonifacio monument or rotunda and the San Pedro Park. The building was renovated and restored to beauty and keeps artifacts that showcases the diverse culture and rich history of Davao. Davao City as we all know is famously known as one of the largest city in the whole world base on land area.

The museum was established by the City Government of Davao, through the initiative of the 14th City Council under City Ordinance No. 0266-06, series of 2006 (source: This was signed into law by our Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The museum was made public on the 71st Araw ng Dabaw, grand opening last March 14, 2008.

Museo Dabawenyo is situated along Fr. Selga St. It is open to the public from Tuesdays to Sundays at 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Visitors are encouraged to deposit their bags at the baggage counter and well informed that there are no picture taking once inside and the tour is commenced by the tour guides. ADMISSION IS FREE!

Me and my friends were pretty amazed as we learned about Davao. It is a melting pot of diverse cultural heritage and has been one of the industry hub in Mindanao. Davao is a place to ten tribes and as visitors go along the tour, the tour guides will inform us everything we need to know about lovely Davao.

Mixed Media Painting. Durian shell/skin.
By the way, visitors are only allowed to take pictures on the entrance.

Science Discovery Center (SM Lanang Premier)

We left Davao museum with a smile on our faces. After that, we had our dinner at Agdao Public market to have our cravings satisfied with Bulalo and Balbacua.

We headed to SM Lanang and feast our eyes on as we explore the first Science Center in VisMin. SM Lanang Premier offers Davaoeños truly a wonderful and one-of-a-kind experience most especially to kids. The Science Discovery Center was the first interactive, technology based science museum/facility in the Visayas and Mindanao.

The center was opened to the public last October 1, 2013. It has cutting edge educational facility and boast off its large planetarium with 80 seating capacity, 360 degrees. According to the guy we spoke to, people will enjoy 14 shows. The center is located near IMAX and Bowling center.

It features galleries from biology, anatomy, technology and as what everyone will expect in a science center. There’s an earthquake simulator, biowall wherein there are lifesize bugs, maggots, worms and everything, aquatics, north pole gallery, and lots. We wanted to go inside the planetarium but the sales lady said it was not yet available as they were under maintenance. We paid the ticket at introductory price of 100 for a grand tour all day in the gallery.

It’s a great place for field trips most especially for kids. The tour guides were accommodating too. Visit their Facebook page here: SCIENCE DISCOVERY CENTER – SM LANANG
T’was really a fun day for the three of us. We just wish that our other friends could come along too.

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