Dog Lover Chillin’ at the Cat’s Alley

Dog Lover Chillin’ at the Cat’s Alley

Worst drawing I made in Paint! But I don’t know…I love it 😀

Ok dudes and dudettes, don’t dwell too much on the above image. I know, I know it’s..”huh???!” But anyway, it’s been a long time too doing doodles like this in Paint apart having my own world with my large sketchpad and pens. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway…After a long stroll along the streets of Davao together with my buddy Anne while accompanying her to look for and buy cheap but good digicam under the drizzling and breezy afternoon. I suggested if we could chill at this cozy place called Alleycat… Alleycat Tea House.

I’ve heard about this new tea house last summer and that time me and my other friend should go here but there are some changes so we haven’t. Anyway, last week of July and I brought Anne here. Courtesy of her, she treated me with snacks and milk tea and that spells… PERFECT! hahaha 🙂

We were greeted by cute girls who took our orders of sandwiches and Wintermelon milk teas. I love container or the jars. The prices of the food here was good and affordable. The interior of the place indeed exudes coziness. We haven’t actually scanned the whole place most especially the second floor co’z it was occupied at that time. If anyone can check out their facebook page, you will really love the place.

Here’s a print-screened capture of the Tea House’s photos from their album (c) Alleycat Tea House.

(c) Alleycat Tea House

To go there, it’s located at The Site, near Davao Convenience Center at E. Jacinto extension cor. V. Mapa St. Operation hours are:

  • Mon14:00 – 02:00
  • Tue – Sat13:00 – 02:00
  • Sun13:00 – 00:00

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