Cheap and Good Food @ Gloriamaries

Cheap and Good Food @ Gloriamaries

Cheap Restaurant Davao
Photo Credits: Maria Eloisa (my friend who shared this one via FB)

If you are looking for a cheap but superb meal that can satiate your gastronomic delight, there are actually a lot of good cafe or restaurants to dine in. Gloriamaries Cafe Pasta is one of those cheap restaurants that served good food at very affordable prices.
Last Saturday after seeing free Japanese film with my friend Dreb Bits, I suggested if we could have lunch at this small resto that a friend of mine, dear Eloisa, told me about. Gloriamaries Cafe Pasta can be located just near Em’s Pasta which is at corner Tionko Avenue and Torrest Street. It is established in an alley in front of Blueberry Hotel.

The place is quite small and ambiance was relaxing and the interior expresses homey atmosphere and sporting neutral colors.
We ordered our lunch which are rice toppings that are priced at 50 and above. The meal servings are good and the food is great.
Apart from that, they also served pasta dishes. Other food that’s served are burgers, fries, nachos, pizza and sisig.
Moreover, students can also afford to order their affordable lunch which is priced at 45 pesos.
Gloriamaries Menu
Image Source: Maria Eloisa

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