Celebrating Friendship at Tea Amo

Celebrating Friendship at Tea Amo

Friends for keeps. True Friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but not in HEART.

Aside from my family, what keeps me moving forward and made my life worth memorable and living for are the people that I’ve met and have cherished special moments with. Through ups and downs and other things, they are the best people that made great impact in my life, and these are my friends.
Last Saturday, I’ve had a great day with some of my favorite people and these are my college buddies! Although we are not that complete (Kulang kami ng 2 magagandang diosa 😛) still our Satur-date went well by catching up with our latest lives and reminiscin’ good times.

We had our dinner at one of the best and cozy place worth visiting and that was at Tea Amo Bistro Tea and Coffeeshop. Tea Amo is a local cafe in Davao City that not only offers tea, coffee and pastries but as well superb and worth devouring rice meals. It is located at G/F Sunny Sweets Building, Tionko Avenue (near Central Park and City High School).
Tea Amo Bistro Menu: Prices are subject to change. Photo (C) from Tea Amo’s Facebook Page
The environment of the newly renovated cafe sported neutral colors, pleasing to the eyes and certainly makes people comfortable in the cafe’s homey atmoshpere. It’s just quite sad for me co’z I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of this wonderful hangout but I suggest to my readers that you just have to Google it. 🙂

The servings of their food was generous and 100% affordable. It was presented well and the customer service was great plus the crew were always smiling. Moreover, me and my friends had a great night full of laughter.

TRIVIA: Don’t laugh because our barkada name is “EXTRA RICE!” Yes, because all of us would always order extra cups of rice during our college days…up until now…(I THINK but I admit I still do. AND, AREN’T MY FRIENDS LOVELY? :P)
Thanks for dropping by! If you want to experience for yourself, then without second thought please visit Tea Amo now! 🙂 Ciao!

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