Cateel: Hope has Risen. Beauty Inside and Out

Cateel: Hope has Risen. Beauty Inside and Out

“He is the anchor that holds us and protects us and our families through the storms of Life.”

Hi there readers!

It’s been a long time since I go back to writing again…my adventures. I don’t even know how to begin this new entry- my first entry this 2015. However, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to tell you this recent story I wanted to share. This adventure is not just an ordinary one (for me) because the escape I had has a purpose.

Ever since I started this blog, my main goal is to not just tell “mainstream stories” and go to “usual places”. I’m the type of person who wants to immerse myself in the places and experience what needs to be experienced: Culture, Camaraderie with new people and sharing personal tales about life in general. Yes, it’s all about musings.

And so, I don’t want to keep you waiting anymore. I wanted to share to you my escape to Cateel.

Muted in Mourn and Gloom

2 years ago, the Philippines was one of the countries in Asia that has been struck by the rage of typhoon Bopha a.k.a “bagyong Pablo. The typhoon’s visit brought heavy rains and floods in the Philippines that it has put parts of the central and southeastern Philippines on high alert.

The onslaught brought massive destruction in Mindanao, specifically in Davao Oriental, Compostela Valley and neighboring places. What can we expect when this typhoon was the strongest tropical cyclone to ever hit the country resulting to catastrophe; destroying homes, cutting powers, washed out livelihood and sad to say, high death tolls. Hence, we can say that Filipinos had been left muted in mourn and gloom.

Cateel: Hope has Risen

During that lonely time, many have lost their hope and faith if they can rise again. Sad to say too that there were some have become bitter and thought that the disaster is God’s wrath upon them. With all of these affliction during that time, they had not known where to go, whom to hold on, whom to depend, bitterness wrapped their hearts… people have become lost souls.

However, goodness and kindness still flourish. There’s a huge army of compassionate people lending their hands to the needy ones. These people have uplifted the lost souls; bringing them back to the light from the darkness. And as the famous line from the South Border’s song: “There’s a rainbow ¬†always after the rain” and amidst the catastrophe, “HOPE HAS RISEN.”

St. James Chapel, Cateel, Davao Oriental

Maglaag-laag Sang Aliwagwag

This escapade wouldn’t be possible for me if I didn’t stumble upon a post in my Facebook newsfeed. In fact, about 2 months ago, I planned to go in an excursion as a birthday gift to myself. It’s been a long time since my last out-of-town adventure.

I found a random post in my newsfeed and in that instant, I decided to grab that opportunity and book that trip. Thanks to sir Olan Emboscado a.k.a The Travel Teller for organizing the trip. The trip was entitled: “Maglaag-laag Sang Aliwagwag” (A Trip to Aliwagwag – pardon my translation hehe).

Aliwagwag is the famous majestic falls at Cateel, Davao Oriental. As what sir Olan told us during the tour, it is a series of 137 tiers waterfalls. The falls is uniquely formed with many tiers that’s different from one another. To reach the source of the water cascading, it would take a day to hike up.

The falls is accessible and it’s near the highway. Viewing it from afar, anyone can say that it’s an enthralling stairway to heaven.

The highlight of the tour was to see the renewed beauty of Cateel. And it’s a heartwarming experience to have come to such a wonderful place with valuable back-stories.

I will end this blog with the beautiful photos I captured and a video arranged by my dear Abby; when we enjoyed the places, memories to treasure, experiences to share and the camarederie with the new and wonderful people we have met.

View of Cateel Municipal Hall | MJ Crave's Escape
From St. James Chapel, Cateel overviewing the park, Rizal Monument, Pudaka’s Statue and Cateel’s Municipal Hall
View of St James Chapel and park - Cateel | MJ Crave's Escape
From the Municipal’s veranda overviewing the park, St. James Chapel and parts of the town.
Aragon Dam | MJ Crave's Escape
Panorama shot of Aragon Dam
Eyot in Cateel | MJ Crave's Escape
From the municipal hall of Cateel. Overviewing Pacific Ocean | Right corner, an eyot (island in a river) .

Video Production by Romeo A. Abendan

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