Bucket List: Living Life. Enjoying Life

What do you want to do…before you die?

making a bucket list

Have you ever found yourself asking the same question above? Have you found the answers to that question? Have you enjoyed your life fruitfully? Or you just found yourself sulking and complaining that you’ve never done great things ever since your existence. – Honestly, I was once like that.

Everyone’s a dreamer and of course all of us attempts to live life happily the way we wanted it to be. Just like what we always say “YOLO” or you only live once. We are given by the supreme being one life to live and we should make use of it…wisely and happily.

As what I have read in a blog, there are two types of people in this world, the one who chooses to be happy and the one who chooses to be unhappy. Yes, happiness and being unhappy is a choice. If you are the type who allowed negativeness consume you, then you probably have chosen to be unhappy in your life and let these vibes take over your life. Happiness comes from within.

That is why many of us (and I’m sure after reading this it’ll encourage you) makes their personal bucket list. I know you’ve heard about it already; even if you did make a list (just like me and yeah I’ve included it here in my page…most of it are weird 😛 ) or you’re milling about it in your head.

The BUCKET LIST are the list of things a person do before he or she dies. The term originated  from the phrase “kicked the bucket” which has plausible archaic theories (Wikipedia). Bucket list is very much unique to individuals because we enlist all the things we want to do in order to bagged good memories from it. Generally speaking, it signifies us setting our memories to make that structures our daily living. Your bucket list need not to be grandiose; even those simple things you wish you would like to do can be your attempt to make your life meaningful and fulfilled.

As I was browsing my online albums as well the ones that are saved in the PC, I was pretty amazed that all those pictures tells stories of the many things I have done that made me happy. It epitomizes the goals that I have set in my life. In fact, I can associate “bucket list” to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Writing a bucket list can motivate us to accomplish things, yes it does; but the most motivating ones are those that are difficult to attain or which people think and say quite “impossible” to achieve. But hey, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF WE BELIEVE WE CAN. In fact, for me, it does not necessarily mean that you need money all the time to make your bucket list come true (well, apart from those traveling or whatever thingymajiggies that will really require us to cash out).

From the movie Bucketlist
from the movie The Bucketlist starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman
There’s one article that I have read on Psychology Today about “8 Self-Reflection Questions”. The article can encourage or stimulate you on how you can make your own bucket list. Bucket list can lead one’s life positively. It inspires us, burns the desire in us.

1. Who would you like to meet? 

2. Where would you like to travel? If you could only do 3 things when you got there, what would you pick?

3. What challenges (if successfully achieved) would give you the biggest confidence boost?

4. What bucket list goals have you thought about but not pursued because you’d feel embarrassed if anyone knew you had that goal?

5. What do you like consuming that you might like to have a go at producing?

6. When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?

7. When you imagine yourself as awestruck or giddy with excitement, what are you doing?

8. What was unique about you as a little kid? What were you passionate about as a little kid that you stopped exploring as you got older?

Whatever the things you have put on your bucketlist, make it come true. May it be for career growth, climbing the Mount Everest, marry the person you have given your heart and you have loved dearly with and grow old with him or her, do the most craziest thing in front of the crowd and so on, it’s your time to set the records you have made in your entire existence.

Life is finite. We’ll never know what will happen today, tomorrow and the future. Therefore, let your imagination free to run, get a pen and write the things you’d really love to do before you die.

***Inspirations writing this blog entry:

  • Listening to One Republic’s GOOD LIFE (yeah, official OST of my life) ^_^
  • Watched “THE BUCKETLIST” movie for the 5th time and THE SECRET for the 3rd time and “JACK”
  • Inspirational/motivational books that I have read: ONE DAY (David Nichols) THE ALCHEMIST (Paulo Coehlo) THE MAGIC (Rhonda Byrne) BELIEVE YOU CAN (John Mason) BE YOUNIQUE (Jason Lo) TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE/THE 5 PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN (Mitch Albom)….and a lot more!

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