Backpackers: Philippine Eagle Center Trip

Philippine Eagle Center Facility
I started my 2013 with a nature getaway with my friends in one of Davao’s tourist attraction, the Philippine Eagle Center. I decided to go here because I needed a break from work and ofcourse a de-stressing activity from being busy with my post-grad school. Hence, I invited my friends to join me in this nature getaway.
Philippine Eagle Center is located at Malagos District, Davao City. Going there from the city proper will take about an hour and 30 minutes (if there’s no heavy traffic). You can either go by taxi, a public utility vehicle or a private van. There are also buses available to get you to the place. Bus transport going to Calinan can depart every 15 minutes from the terminal located at Bankerohan, Quirino. Fare is about 30 pesos. From Calinan, you can ride a tricycle going to the center.
The eco-park center houses different kinds of animal species as well breeds of Eagles which are mostly found in the country. The center also is a conservation breeding facility of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Moreover, the place welcomes locals and tourist who are interested to educate themselves about the diverse wildlife creatures aside from relaxing and being one with nature.

Before entering the park, visitors will pay for an entrance fee collected by Davao City Water District; 5 pesos for adults and 3 pesos for the kids. Just before the main gate to the park, like any other local tourist spot, people can see a line up of souvenir stands selling native crafts and goods. Tourist can buy items as pasalubongs at very affordable prices. Entering the main park and facility, another fee will be paid, 50 pesos for adults and 30 pesos for children and this is for the conservation and maintenance of the site and execution of programs.
The park is vast and the temperature there was cool because it was mainly surrounded with huge trees and greeneries. Indeed, I can definitely say that going there relaxes our mind and made us to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. Furthermore, PEC park is good for family or barkada picnic.
Me and my friends had fun touring around the area. There we met Pagasa, the famous Philippine eagle to have been bred in captivity. And just recently, it was announced in the news that an eagle chick was hatched and Pagasa has now become a father. The said eaglet was the offspring of Pagasa and Kalinawan.
It has been a long time since I’ve visited the place. Hence, this was my second time to visit the park and I can conclude that it was all worth spending. Even my friends who are first-timers to visit the place said that they enjoyed the trip and they were hoping for more. Anyhow, we did not even spent too much aside from the entrance fees we paid.

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