Backpackers: Escape to Dahilayan Part 2

Adrenaline Rush: We wanna have Fun. Scream. Shout and Let it all Out!

MJCRAVESESCAPE_Dahilayan Adventure Escapade
WORTH SPENDING ACTIVITIES 🙂 And as I quote a saying from somewhere…out there… “We do not pay for the ride. We pay for the EXPERIENCE.”

So…! I know you are itching to read the part 2 of our Day 2 fun adventure at Dahilayan Adventure Forest Park…and thank you very much for waiting. Here’s the continuation of our 2 days escapade at one of the pride tourist spot here in the Philippines. 🙂

Day 2: Fun Activities on a Chilly, Breezy Day

We woke up the next day earlier than expected…of course, despite of the “bed” weather, it did not spoil our excitement again to go around the place and have an early morning walk or jogging. Some of us were even awake by 4:00 am. We roamed the place and then took pictures at the playground, the cafeteria and everywhere. Thereafter, we had our breakfast.
Slip and Slide
Our first activity on that day was to go slip and slide. And since I did not bring much clothes, oh as well as the others ( special mention: Romel, Anne and Khalile and also Mr. manong driver 🙂 *peace* ) we just sat and stayed at the “bahay kubo” nearby. Some of our friends are already itching to take the plunge, slip and slide in the big blue tarpaulin laid out in slope.

The weather was chilly and there’s drizzles, but of course nobody can stop anyone to have some fun time.  Since some of us wasn’t able to join getting wet, we decided to take a stroll and took pictures. Everyone unleashed the kids in us.

Slip and slide
Slip and slide
slip and slide
Photo Credits: By James Mabiliran

Drop Zone

After slip and slide, the group decided to go for one of the most awaited extreme adventure to experience… the famous “Drop Zone”. Drop Zone is an extreme ride in Dahilayan Adventure Park that features a 120 feet above the ground free fall; wherein riders are harnessed and suspended in the air and then swoop and swung in pendulum motion. Definitely an adrenaline pumping ride and of course, since I’m into conquering the extremes, I tried it!
I have tried before Danao Bohol’s “The Plunge” but the difference was with the height and in drop zone, you are about to free fall at a height of 120 ft and drop and sweep within above the water surface and the rider was to take charge in unsnapping the hook (or whatever) that was attached to the harness and pull it to let themselves drop and swing. Whereas, The Plunge is a canyon swing and one has to experience a free fall from a 200 ft cliff, the staff would signal by shouting “bombs away” and unsnap and you will be swinging to and fro for about 3 to 5 minutes, 60 feet above the rocky Danao River. BUT ANYWAY, Drop zone and The Plunge has the same effect on me, still it sends shivers of excitement and made my heart beat erratically…it’s like an exciting suicide that I would love to experience over and over again 😛
Drop zone Dahilayan Adventure Park
After screaming our lungs out and enjoyed the thrilling and worth spending experience with drop zone, we decided to go back to our room and prepare our things before we checked out at lunch time. Thereafter, we had out lunch at the cafeteria.
Since we still had ample time before we headed back to Davao, we decided to go take pictures and then experience the Luge. Luge is sled ride at the forest park and was the first and only mountain luge ride in the Philippines.
Sled Ride Luge Dahilayan
– Day 2 Conclusion –
Although we haven’t experienced the ATV, Buggy and other rides, I can say and on behalf of my dear friends that we really enjoyed our worth spending trip to Dahilayan. Who can ever resist the beauty of the place and the adventure that awaits there? It was an escape for us to relax and free our minds from worries and other things. It was being one with nature and be grateful to see such enchanting beauties. The fresh air we breathe as we set our feet there for the first time was sweeter. IT WAS MAGICAL.
Anyway, I will still hope that I can go back there and experience for the second and nth time all adventures and whatever thingymajiggies that I will definitely enjoy…til my last breath of oxygen (LoLness).
***To learn more about Dahilayan Adventure Park, please visit their website

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