Backpackers: Escape to Dahilayan Part 1

Breaking Free: A Nature Trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park

One of the things that I enjoy most when it comes to breaking free from work or at least want to indulge more of my “ME TIME” was to go on a trip (aside from reading books, watching movies/series, paint/sketch and get bored and do nothing 😛 ). Going on a nature trip and feast my eyes on scenic views gives me wonderful feelings. Seeing such enthralling beauties captivates my attention and relaxes my mind, body and soul. That is why, one week has passed (AT LAST! I finally blogged it 🙂 ) and still the memories of visiting one breathtaking place is fresh. Well, without further ado, this is my story about my nature adventure at Dahilayan Adventure Park.

I’ve always wanted to go to Dahilayan, Bukidnon because of the amazing and fun stories that I heard from my friends. Another reason also why it’s one of the places I want to visit is because of its extreme rides (hell yeah! Because going extremes and trying out adrenaline pumping undertakings is one of the bucket-lists I want to conquer!  ) And luckily, this time, thanks to one of my friends and workmate, Jhong, invited me to come with her and together with friends. 🙂

Day 1: Arrival. Zipline. Horseback Riding

Dahilayan Forest Park
HEP! HEP! HOORAY! Photo Credits to Mr. James Mabiliran
The trip was scheduled on a weekend (March 16 and 17) and it was an overnight escapade. This trip has been planned beforehand. The group rented a van to take us there and it’s a 5 hours (or so) travel from Davao to Cagayan de Oro. Of course, nobody can deny how excited we were and all of us was geared up and good to go. Thank God that our travel was safe and smooth and fortunately we enjoyed it under a bright sunny-friendly weather.

Dahilayan Adventure Park, located at Manolo Fortich Bukidnon was definitely a good place to visit. Apart from its main attractions which are its pride,  the longest zip line rides as well its famous Drop Zone, going there offers many great views to feast our eyes on. Not to mention that the tourist spot is also the home to the most sweetest and healthiest pineapples.
Apart from the zip line rides and the drop zone, Dahilayan also offers numerous adrenaline experience activities, such as: ATV ride, Buggy ride, Luge, Bungee Bounce, Rope Course, Flying Lizard…to name a few. To know about the place’s different recreational attractions as well their amenities, you can visit their website at

We arrived at the destination about 1 pm plus and we were greeted by cool breeze and mild drizzle. We checked in and then had our late lunch at their picnic area. While everyone was eating lunch, we were greeted by a cute Golden Retriever (Awwhh. I’m a sucker for a friendly and lovable canine) named Simba.

Despite the change of weather, it did not stop us from getting everything on (I know that we’re kinda tired and groggy from hours-long travel but we’re just too excited) to start our most awaited part of our adventure. To start with, the group decided on riding the ZIPLINE ALL RIDES; which includes 320 meters+150 meters+840 meters zip rides. For the first two zip rides, we had it in a sitting position and the last one, we had to ride it in a “superman” style.
Dahilayan Zip Line All Rides
Photo Credits to Mr. James Mabiliran (L-R Clockwise: Kalile, Jhong, Regina, Romel, Ramil and Lemuel)
The last zip ride sent shivers down my spine ( -_- oh yeah geez…) because that was my second time to ride it in a “superman style” which was my less favorite position. I had this fearful apprehension that I might fall compared to riding it in a sitting position. Furthermore, what makes it kinda scary for me was because the place was covered in thick fogs, still there was drizzles, chilly breeze at that time and I don’t know what to expect when I’m about to zip through ( fear of the unknown ). The last time I had my “superman” zip ride was in Danao Adventure Bohol. But what the heck, I paid for it and there’s no backing down ( co’z I was thinking there was no return of payment ). Glad that I’m gonna do it together with Anne, and well the staff there told us to just spread our arms to control our motion and they also advice us to scream co’z they said it help us lighten up our mood. And voila! The staff released us and we zipped through the longest line ( through the fogs and drizzles: free facial wash! lol ) with our arms wide open. Ironically, I found my self muted and never screamed from fear of whatsoever. I was wowing all the way til I reached the finish line. Anyway, I can conclude that it lessened my fear and overall I enjoyed the zip ( rock n’ roll baby! )


After that breathtaking rush from riding the zips, we decided to go do the ATV and buggy ride but sad to say due to weather condition, the staff said to maybe try it the next day because they wouldn’t allow their guests to do so and the terrain was dampened and they just wanted to avoid any unfortunate incidents that might happen if they would allow it. So… the group decided to go horseback riding.
Well, I was excited on this one because this was my first time to ride a horse. The ride costs us about 100 per person per round. My horse’s name was Mutya and she’s a lovely 7 months old pony.
– Day 1 Conclusion –

What we had on our first day at Dahilayan was definitely tiring BUT…ENJOYABLE. Although it was raining pretty hard after our horseback riding, it never stopped us from taking pictures and videos all over the place.  We had our merienda of hot coffee and choco at their cozy restaurant while waiting for the rain to subside; well some of us have gone already at our room to chill and maybe have some siestas. We had a great time exploring the area and went on to interview some staff and everything we like to learn about the place. 
Anyway, I’d like to continue our Day 2 experiences in the next entry of the blog. But of course, here’s a teaser video made and credits to Mr. Jason Mejares, about our memorable experiences at Dahilayan. (P.S. Videos and Pictures credits to our friends, Mr. James Mabiliran, Mr. Jason Mejares, Ms. Kalile Sante, Mr. Lemuel Dominique and the rest ^_______^) Also, I’ve included some useful information for everyone that all of us were able to take note:


Dahilayan Accommodations
Prices are subject to change. For accurate info, please visit Dahilayan’s website.

Dahilayan Activities
Prices are subject to change. For accurate info, please visit Dahilayan’s website.

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