Back on Track – Artsy Me

Back on Track – Artsy Me


So…I was back on track…

I decided to give it a try if I still got it…and thank God! I still do 🙂

Anyway, I am really not that comfortable on creating a sketch of my own picture so… I grabbed a photo of my boyfriend and tried to sketch him. Hahaha and boy he is surprised!

Romeo Abendan | MJ Crave's Escape

This one’s close enough. I need to practice more. Portraiture is one of my art frustrations.

DSC07167 | MJ Crave's Escape

I didn’t go to any art school but my uncle taught me when I was a kid.  And eventually, I had my own styles as well.

But am looking forward that I can get to share to you my masterpieces. In fact, I have an art blog dedicated to this but… I decided to put everything here. And besides, doing artsy stuff is one of my escapes too.

Hope you will look forward to my art works! Keep posted 🙂

MJ Crave's Escape

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