Affiliate Marketing Programs for Pinoy Startup Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Pinoy Startup Affiliate Marketer

It’s pretty impressive how affiliate marketing have penetrated the entrepreneurship mindset of Filipinos. And one of them is me!

Most of the Filipinos already grasp the idea of what is affiliate marketing and some still doesn’t have any idea what it is. So, in this post, I’m going to share what is affiliate marketing, how does it work and what are the affiliate marketing programs that Pinoys can take advantage of.

The WHAT & HOW: Affiliate Marketing 101

Originally, affiliate marketing’s concept is based on “revenue sharing” – paying commission for every referred business.

Affiliate marketing is very easy to understand. Basically, it is a method of promoting products, services, and specials offers from advertisers (businesses) and then earn commissions. Check out this simple infographic by Power Pinoys illustrating how affiliate marketing works via online:

Affiliate Marketing by Power Pinoys | MJ Crave's Escape
via Power Pinoys

In this illustration, affiliate marketing consists of three core players: The merchant/advertiser/businessman/company, the affiliate/publisher and lastly the consumer/customer.

Merchant or Advertiser

  • Also known as the “brand”. These are individuals or companies who create products, services, and special offers. They pay others that can help them sell and promote their business through commission percentages.


  • Technically known as the “affiliate”. They are individuals who sign up for any affiliate programs provided by companies/brands/merchants. They are critically responsible for ethically promoting products, services, and offers and creates whatever viable ways to promote the products to reach the target customers.

Customer or Consumer

  • These are the people who search for their needs or interests (products/services/offers), takes action in clicking the link and pays the actual products being offered.

There you have it! Very simple right? And know that affiliate marketing is a digital marketing or internet marketing strategy. The earnings or commissions that publishers get through this method can range from a few dollars to thousands. And if you want to be a guru into this field, you better have a full grasp of understanding ONLINE MARKETING per se.

When I first started blogging in 2013, I signed up to some affiliate marketing programs but at that time, I don’t have a full focus on working it out and had a blurry understanding about it. Now that I’ve got plenty of time to do things under the sun, as a startup affiliate marketer, I’ll probably make some separate blog posts of how a noob (like me!) can go about and earn from affiliate marketing. But for now, let’s learn about the leading affiliate marketing programs that Pinoys can easily sign up.

3 Affiliate Marketing Programs to Start With

Below are the three Affiliate Marketing programs I am currently signed up and you may want to try exploring.

Lazada Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Lazada is the largest affiliate marketing program in Southeast Asia. Thousands of publishers are affiliated with this leading online store as they offer up to 10% commission for every product order.

Lazada Affiliate Marketing | MJ Crave's Escape


  • Another huge online affiliate program is Zalora that is a Singapore-based company. If you’re a lifestyle or fashion savvy, this affiliate program is right for you. To become an affiliate partner and you’re in PH, you can enroll here:  Zalora affiliate partners can earn up to 20% commission. So for the trendy fashionistas, grab this opportunity now!

Zalora Affiliate Partner | MJ Crave's Escape

Amazon Associates

  • Thanks to Jeff Bezos…without him, there’ll be no Amazon online shopping! If you’re an Amazon shopper, then you can benefit from their affiliate marketing program, the Amazon Associates. Just like any other affiliate marketing program, publishers have the privilege to earn up to 10% commission from the wide arrays of products in the Amazon shop. So, if you want to take advantage of earning $$$ commission, then you have to promote more. The more you sell through promotion, the more income you will get. Tip: Most of the people who earn through Amazon Associates are product reviewers, so you might want to join their bandwagon.

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program | MJ Crave's Escape

So, what’s in it for you?

If you’re someone like me who is so curious and wants to try and build a business online, that can be done in a flexible time and can generate a passive income…then let’s bet on and try affiliate marketing. And to tell you the truth, whatever business you ventured into, it’s success requires a lot of work and nurturing. No business is an overnight success.

So, if you want to begin your journey learning more about online/digital marketing and affiliate marketing, watch this short video and have a better grasp of this industry.

via Stickman Video Youtube Channel

P.S. All graphics and video content used in this post are for reference and citation purposes ONLY. I am not affiliated with Stickman Animations and Power Pinoy and I’m not paid to advertise them on my site.

Until next post!

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