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Let’s face it guys, that horrifying truth that we’re now in our mid-20s and late 20s!

Some of us are living on our own. And some of us are still with parents (But hope we’re not still dependent from them…if you know what I mean 🙂 )

Some of us have rising careers, and eyeing to nail opportunities and to bank credentials (doctoral, internship, ect.) Some of us are stuck and don’t know what to do next or contented to stay where they are and what they are right now. Some of us that despite of failures, still are motivated to push through, take action until success is at their feet.

Some are still figuring things out…y’know…if they’re going to take full responsibility for everything…maybe just some parts of it. And I bet some of us asked advises from ‘Google’ on how to adult? Don’t worry, I’m one of you too! *peace*

Sometimes, in my solitary moment, I GOOGLE advises. Thanks Google!
Sometimes, in my solitary moment, I GOOGLE advises. Thanks Google!

Some of us “dreaded” these things:

1. 9am-5pm job (day job) or even night job

2. Paying the bills…and debts!

3. The Dating Game / “Ohh I’m an adult (OMG! Wala pakoy uyab! #Pressured)! I want to get married!…someday!” (Oh geezus!) –Pagpuyo oy!

4. The thought of buying things with your own money (and some would even have the “confidence” to borrow money…just to buy “stuff”…please please please it’s a NO-NO most especially this applies to… *forget about it >:) )

5. Organizing plans…(Life plan and whatever plans you have in your idea bank!)

6. RESPONSIBILITIES (and lots of it)

These are some of the things but there’s plenty out there.

“That horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult but you realize you’re an adult. So you look for an adult. An adultier adult. Someone better at adulting than you.”

And let’s just face it, it never becomes easier being an adult. It doesn’t even have a manual entitled: HOW TO ADULT FOR DUMMIES! or ADULTING 101! We all experience having a hard time acting like an adult towards others (the kids, the teens, our fellow adults and older adults).

We aren’t even sure what being an adult is all about. But one thing’s for sure, it’s a unique and personal experience. It’s about making adjustments, adapting and refining our attitude/character.

“Adulting”, regardless of how hard it is or there are things we don’t like about it, we just have to accept it and own it because that’s part of life. And mind you, there are surprising things also that’s FUN in adulthood.

Thanks for reading! I’m just bored and I have these thoughts to let out because of the recent conversations I had with my adult friends as well. Hohoho!



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