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MJ Crave | MJ Crave's Escape

And guess what… I’m just kidding! Oh, how I wish I am! But who knows, right?

Welcome to my blog! I’m MJ, and this is my little hub where my musings in life, travelogues, and some crappy thoughts are expressed.

I’m obsessed with musing a lot and I’m a pathological overthinker, I decided to pour out my thoughts into writings. That’s the reason why I’ve put up my own blog. In fact, I have an existing blog of the same name…and where it all began.

I am a Nurse by profession but have found love working in a different industry as a Virtual Assistant, just ask grandpa Google what it is. But if you’re curious, check out my LinkedIn! Though I may not have practiced being a Nurse, still I AM A PROUD ONE to my family, friends and a special someone.

I am a certified dog lover and has a dog personality. Oh well, I am an AMBIVERT too! – in between extrovert and introvert. Sometimes I love to be surrounded by people and sometimes I appreciate the beauty of being alone. I have the best of both worlds!

I love adrenaline rush adventure that makes my heart skipped lots of beats (just kidding!). And most of all I love BEING ONE WITH NATURE & CONNECTED WITH THE ONE, the reason for the existence of the world.

I believe this is enough for introducing myself. And as you explore my blog and know my thoughts, you’ll probably have an idea about me: what kind of being I am, who I am deep inside and what I am capable of.

I am hoping I can engage with you as much as I want to get to know you too! I like to network with people that I know I can learn from. Because I truly believe in mutual learnings.

So, here’s a quote that I hope you will ponder and live by heart.

Be a Human Being rather than, human doing.

Again, thanks for dropping and enjoy exploring my diary! Let’s keep in touch and send me a message! Will do my best to get back to you, honey!



MJ Crave's Escape